Friday, 6 April 2012


So i went on a splurge and bought new shoes, three pairs to be precise. I swear i've been cooped up in this house so long, i've forgotten the art of self- control whilst shopping. It's a fact, I should no longer be let out of the house. 

These fabulous purchases were made on a rare day out with my best friend. I'm maid of honour at her Christmas wedding this year, so we spent a lovely day at the florist, at wedding dress fittings (man, i wish i could post a pic. This girl is stunning, and her dress is out of this world!) and obviously, a couple of shops here and there...

I justified my purchases with two thoughts. I haven't bought a new pair of shoes for AGES (i held onto this thought until i got home, and was greeted by a pair of pretty-new ankle boots i had conveniently forgotten purchasing); and the shoes were all ridiculously reduced. Those beauties on the bottom (the teal stilettos that scream out 'Maddie!', they were £7! They were only pair left in the store, my exact size and £7 - it would have been rude not to. Luckily, my husband wholeheartedly agreed. I knew there was a reason i married him.

As a side note, i also bought some ridiculously cheap scented candles from primark. Who knew the shop held such treasures. i seriously will never cough up more than £2 for a candle again and given how frequently i buy candles (almost every time i visit the shops - despite a depressing clause in my rental agreement that prohibits me from lighting them!) this is quite a significant promise.

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