Sunday, 25 March 2012


Apologises for my lack of blogging recently. I have so many half finished entries clogging up my post board, i promise i will get round to them eventually. Things are still hectic here. Life is still a mess, and i now have the added pressure of 20,000 words to write in the next two weeks.. stressed is not the word.

But regardless, here are some snaps from some of the happier times from the last two weeks. They were few and far between, but here they are - little gems on an otherwise bleak horizon.

 1. Summer is finally here. The Flip flops have been retrieved from the very back of the wardrobe.
2. A celebration in honour of our last lecture ever!
3. Some idiot broke our wing mirror. But i fixed it, alone. Superwoman.
4. Working at all hours of the day. My productive hours are from 4am until sunrise ha.
5. St Paddy's day with my wonderful daddy. 
6. My beautiful mum on Mother's day. Lunch at the Beauport was gorgeous.
7. Rye in the sunshine. I love this cottage, it makes my heart skip.
8. Piggies ordering dessert. 
9. My lovely brother and his girl on a family day out. I've missed these guys.
10. Saturday nights in with the man and trashy TV. Emotional recovery.

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