Sunday, 22 April 2012


For today's 'lately' post i'm linking up with the salad days blog. 
In the build up to exams, reading the Salad days blog posts is quite literally one of the highlights of my day. Sarah is an american expat living just outside Oxford with the most adorable little girl, a great sense of music and a real gift for making you feel as if you're living her life alongside her. Check the blog out, i promise you'll enjoy it!

So here is my first entry to her 'Catch yourself' portrait club. The idea is to take a photo that offers a glimpse of your life. So here i am; curled up on my window seat in sweatpants, studying and watching the world go by. Its not the most exciting picture, but then again my life is not the most exciting right now :)


  1. I like those kind of self portraits, contemplative. How lucky you are to have a window seat. I really like the Salad Days too!


  2. Mrs. Bacon! I've been wondering when I would see a selfie from you. And now you post one and it is my instant favorite. You clever thing you. Thanks for linking up and for the super sweet words about my blog. Made my night! Good luck with those exams - I'm sure you'll do just fine. Hugs!